The Hallwood Group Incorporated

The Hallwood Group Incorporated ("Hallwood" or the "Company") (NYSE Amex: symbol HWG), a Delaware corporation formed in September 1981, operates as a holding company.

The Company operates its principal business in the textile products industry through its wholly owned subsidiary, Brookwood Companies Incorporated ("Brookwood"). Brookwood is an integrated textile firm that develops and produces innovative fabrics and related products through specialized finishing, treating and coating processes.

Brookwood principally operates as a converter, finisher and laminator in the textile industry, which processes fabrics at its plants, located in Rhode Island and Connecticut, or by contracting with independent finishers. Brookwood is one of the largest coaters of woven nylons in the United States of America. Brookwood is known for its extensive, in-house expertise in high-tech fabric development and is a major supplier of specialty fabric to U.S. military contractors. Brookwood produces fabrics that meet standards and specifications set by both government and private industry, which are used by military, consumer and industrial customers.

Brookwood has two principal subsidiaries:

  • Kenyon Industries, Inc. ("Kenyon"). Kenyon, located in Rhode Island, uses the latest technologies and processes in dyeing, finishing, coating and printing of woven synthetic products. Kenyon provides quality finishing services for fabrics used in a variety of markets, such as military, luggage and knapsacks, flag and banner, apparel, industrial and sailcloth.

  • Brookwood Laminating Inc. ("Brookwood Laminating"). Brookwood Laminating, located in Connecticut, uses the latest in processing technology to provide quality laminating services for fabrics used in military clothing and equipment, sailcloth, medical equipment, industrial applications and consumer apparel. Up to five layers of textile materials can be processed using both wet and dry lamination techniques.

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Executive Offices

3710 Rawlins, Suite 1500
Dallas, Texas 75219-4236

Telephone:214/528-5588, 800/225-0135
Facsimile: 214/393-0233

Common Stock Listing

NYSE Amex Exchange (symbol: HWG)


Anthony J. Gumbiner
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Charles A. Crocco, Jr
Amy Feldman
Michael R. Powers


Anthony J. Gumbiner
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

William L. Guzzetti
President & Chief Operating Officer

Richard Kelley
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Secretary

Joseph T. Koenig

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